The earliest New Zealand descendant of the McCallum family was John McCallum who arrived from Scotland in the 1860’s. Coming from a shipping background, it wasn’t long before he became involved in the industry here. In 1866, he started McCallum and Macquarie Ship builders in Mechanics Bay, Auckland, building boats to service the rapidly growing sea freight trade here in the Hauraki Gulf.

John moved into shipping sea freight himself in the late 1800’s, carting everything from flax and metal to general cargo around the Hauraki Gulf here in Auckland.

In 1894 John purchased two islands from Sir John Logan Campbell, Pakihi and Karamuramu Islands which are in the southern Hauraki Gulf, visible from the Residence. John purchased these Islands with a view in mind of being able to keep the family self-sufficient in times of hardship and these are still owned and farmed by the family today

In the early 1900’s John’s children purchased land adjacent to the Islands in Clevedon and named the farm “Lismore” after the location in Scotland where their father John was born. The brothers went into business together and started McCallum Bros Limited® in 1904 which is still family owned to this day and continues to produce the iconic red rock known as McCallum chip and a large proportion of the sand requirements for the Auckland construction growth.

In the early 1900’s one of the sons, William Fraser and his wife Gwendoline built the Homestead, now the Residence, to raise their three sons and two daughters on Lismore. It was a large house built for entertaining and had a gardener’s cottage to help with upkeep of the grounds.

As time has gone on the next generation has taken over the responsibilities of Lismore with Callum (son of John McCallum) and his wife Jan taking on ownership and responsibility for the Residence in 2015. despite past renovations, the Residence was in need of some major works and a decision to undertake a complete makeover was made to restore the house to its former glory but to accommodate modern living.

It was through this period that Jan and Callum came upon an opportunity to rent out the Residence as a premium accommodation facility. After more than two years of work the Residence has opened its doors and we look forward to giving you the opportunity to come and enjoy this magnificent house.

Due to the private location of this property, the family has kept this jewel hidden away, now the decision has been made to open the doors and invite guests to experience what is truly “an elegant step back in time”.